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Top Ten meals to give your baby when he starts eating with fingers

Have you discovered that your baby now tries to eat by himself? Those are great news, since it is the first step to reach the goal of having them their meals all by themselves. We must be glad and encourage them to practice their skills with their fingers and their mouth. And we must pick the right food to do so. Here´s the top ten list for that:

Bananas are indeed one of the first meal every baby is allowed to eat. And still, when they start trying to start eating with their fingers, it is one of the best options. Healthy, easy to hold and to chew.
Cooked peas
One of the most easy-to-prepare vegetables, kids love to pick them from their plates and take it to their little mouths. Quite easy to chew too.
Baby cookies
There are several brands such as Mum-Mum. These vegetable cookies for babies are healthy, clean, tasty and they soften with the saliva of the baby, so it's really easy for them to eat it, even when they have only few or no teeth.
One of the most delicious fruits, the peaches are top favorites for the kids. It's highly recommended that you give the whole fruit to your baby, wo he can learn how to deal with it. The only bad side is the mess on the table and on their clothes.
Shredded chicken
Great nourishment for the kids. The chicken is not as easy to chew as some fruits like banana, so keep in mind: the younger your kid is, the smaller the pieces should be.
Cooked lentils
Useful, easy to prepare and full of vitamins, you must give your baby lentils very often, in order to keep them healthy. And they like grabbing them and train their skills.
We could not forget about the pasta. Macaroni with cheese is one of the most popular meals in the world, and even babies can eat it with pleasure because of the soft texture of the food.
This vegetable is great to serve along with almost any meal. The bright color always catch up the attention of babies during lunch.
Tofu in cubes
From Japan, the Tofu (some kind of cheese made of soy) has a sober flavour, a soft mass and high protein value. Some kids don't like it, but if your baby does, bon apetit!
Give your baby different kind of cheese from time to time. Slice it in squares and you will see how fast it will disappear. Great value in calcium and vitamins.

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Useful guide to choose a stroller for your baby

Maybe you have heard the phrase that "strollers can be a parent's best friend". In fact, choosing the wrong baby stroller could spell trouble and inconvenience. How can we find the right baby stroller from the many available in stores and via the Internet? As we know, strollers are available to match just about any lifestyle, so think about how you want to use the stroller first and then look for a stroller model that best fits your life and your little baby.

As we said, there are just so many types of baby strollers found today like the carriage stroller which is a great first stroller and the umbrella stroller which is easy to fold and thus convenient as a secondary stroller to be used for jaunts and trips. It's important to know that the standard stroller is usually the primary baby stroller that comes with many features like storage basket and a simple tray.

The sensible Lightweight strollers are also great for traveling purposes but are generally high priced than its typical counterparts. The car seat/stroller combo is a great baby stroller to be used for those using the car regularly. The busy parents can go jogging taking your baby with them in the jogging stroller while tandem and side-by-side strollers are best for those having children close in age, twins or triplets. In these kind of strollers, the seats are fixed next to each other, on a large, single frame.

Certainly, we must mention that when choosing the right baby stroller, you must make sure that it is sturdy, and is of quality construction. It should have all terrain wheels so that it can be used on all surfaces. There should be some safety features in the baby stroller and be comparatively easy to use by all adults. Still, make sure that the stroller can fold and unfold easily and is rather maneuverable.

As a conclusion, we can say that it is better to pick a baby stroller that is easy to clean with removable and machine washable seat covers. Choose baby strollers that accommodate your baby as he grows and those that have storage baskets that have enough room for the baby's stuff.

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Don't worry about your baby losing hair

Many parents concern when they discover that their babies lose hair form time to time, during the third and fifth month of life. And it really is nothing to worry about. Every baby lose the hair they are born with. Cutting it will not affect the growth of the new hair, or the softness. All about the quality, color and density of the hair is in their genes, and it's just impossible to change that. In the other hand, if your baby has just a little hair, there's no reason to think that it will be the same in the future.

If your baby looks bold, don't worry. Almost every kid has a huge hair bob by the age of two. What's more: many kids don't grow much hair until the first year. But once it begins growing, you will spend lots of hours combing it!

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Choosing the perfect babysitter

A babysitter must take care of the basics: protect, feed and clean the baby. She also has to ease his fears and the anxiety, his pain, as well as estimulate the physical and mental developement.

There is no "perfect nanny", however, you can find the most suitable for your kids. First of all, you must ask for personal recommendations about her work and even ask about her experience as a mother (if she is a mother).

These are some documents you want to take a look at:
Background certificate.
Work certificate.
Passport, if foreigner.
Personal references.

To know if she is a good nanny for your kids, you must watch and ask. Take your time in order to avoid constant changes, and whenever you can, be there with your kids and the nanny, especially while they are in the adaptation process.

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How to change my baby's diaper?

Changing a diaper is really not that hard, but has a little bit of complexity.

Here I will tell you some tips to make this diaper process something sensible istead of a tragic battle.

You must have these elements:

• Clean diaper
• Cream for the skin
• Humid tissues for babies
• Soft towel

Step by step:

1. Place your baby on a plain surface where both feel comfortable.
2. Open the diapers and grab your baby's legs by the ankles, with one hand.
3. Take away the dirty diaper and clean his buttocks with the tissues.
4. Dry up the area with the towel, with soft touches.
5. Pull up the baby's ankles and slide in the clean diaper. Make sure it is aligned with him.
6. Apply the cream for the skin.
7. Close the diaper by passing the front part between his legs, and assure it with the sticker.


Change diapers next to a mirror and the baby will be entertained and calm.
Never leave the baby alone.
If he moves too much, you must handle a toy for him to be entertained.

I hope these tips are useful for you. Bye

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The best age to have my baby wear shoes

There is no hurry in giving your baby his first pair of shoes. In fact, freedom help their little feet grow better.

So leave your baby shoeless until he starts standing up. That's when you have to give them their first shoes.

Even though pediatricians recommend to make the kids walk shoeless as long as possible, since such activity helps them develope their senses, reflex, equilibrium and self confidence, we can't deny that shoes are unavoidable when they begin walking.

At first, you can use little slippers made of wool, or soft shoes made specially for little babies.

When they are taking their first steps, we must choose shoes that produce a shoeless sensation. That means they are really soft, light, comfortable, flexible, natural and with little cleat.

Babies footwear must not be chosen depending on price, brand, trend or store. The main criteria must be health.

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The first bath of my baby: how to sponge bath a newborn

There are so many questions when the first bath time arrives.It's ok if you feel doubtful and insecure, especially if this is your first baby. You must be wondering how to hold him, how to move him, how to wash the ears, how hot must the water be, and so on. We can start by saying that babies need to take a bath twice or three times a week in winter. When the temperature goes hotter, you can bath him more often.

What do you need? If you organize the bath step by step, everything will be ok. You must gather everything you need for your baby's bath: soap, cotton towels, baby's comb, clean clothes, shampoo, diapers, a sponge and a bath.

The best way to bath a newborn, at least for the first time, is with a sponge, and no immersion. Before getting the baby naked, you must clean his head with a soft sponge humid with warm water.

With a wet piece of cotton and a little bit of soap, you must clean the face, nose and ears. Then, you can continue with the rest of the body. Right away, you must wash off the soap with soft towel, without rubbing. Dry your baby and dress him up. It's very important to check the belly button area. If it drains, smells or looks too red, consult your pediatrician.

Also, remember these tips:

1- Never leave the baby alone. If there is an extreme urgency, take him with you.
2- Don't use perfumes the first months. It can cause allergies.
3- Dry your baby deeply, especially under the neck, behind the ears and the diaper area.
4- Don't go crazy if the baby cries. He might be scared to face a new situation, but he will get to enjoy it. And so will the parents.

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